Identity & Access

Explore the offered possibilities for role based access control and identity management in our platform.

Team Access

Managing Team Members

In the Settings > Members module you can add or remove users from your team and change their role within the organization.

When you add a new user to your team, they will receive an activation email to activate their new Chatlayer team. Users that already have an account and belong to another Chatlayer team will be able to switch between teams by using the icon on the top right in the platform.

Team Member Roles

Team roles & bot access is only available in the Enterprise pack or higher. Want to upgrade? Get in touch. has a role-based access system that allows you to restrict specific bots for specific users, and give specific rights per bot.

A user can either be an admin or a member of the team. This can be changed by pressing the pencil in the Settings > Members module.

An overview of the differences between both roles:

  • Admins have access to all bots and can create or delete team members.

  • Members can only access OPEN bots or RESTRICTED bots to which they have access to. They cannot create or delete new team members.

Bot access

Bots can either be set as OPEN or RESTRICTED. An OPEN bot can be accessed by all team members. RESTRICTED bots can only be accessed by Admins and approved Members.

You can configure the access to your bot while you're creating the bot:

You can change the Bot Access configuration for an existing bot by selecting "Change Access" in the Bot > Settings > Bot Settings module:

Changing your Bot Access to RESTRICTED enables a new menu entry: Bot > Settings > Access. You can configure which team members have which access to the bot on this page.

A member can have one of five types of permissions to a RESTRICTED bot:

  • Edit: the member can change all intents, blocks and settings.

  • Read-only: the member can view the bot, but cannot change anything.

  • NLP-only: the member can change intents, expressions, entities, etc, but not blocks or settings.

  • Bot Builder: the member can see and edit everything except for the conversation history in DRAFT and LIVE.

  • Copywriter: the member can see everything, but can only change the translations (the responses of the bot) in the translations window.

Your access level to a bot can be seen on the "My Bots" overview page. Restricted bots will have a locked icon and, on that same line, you will be able to read your type of permission to it:

User Accounts

Password Sign-In

Users can sign in to Chatlayer by using their email address and password. Users can create an account or be invited to an existing team by an administrator. In both cases, a password should be set for the user account.

Our password policy is:

  • A minimum of 8 characters

  • At least one lowercase character

  • At least one uppercase character

  • At least one special character

You can reset your password by pressing the "Forgot Password?" button on the sign in screen.

Our platform is protected by a brute force detection system for sign-in attempts on user accounts. We allow a maximum of 10 failed sign-in attempts before locking out the user account from sign-in attempts. The lockout waiting period starts at 1 minute and increments by 1 minute, up to 15 minutes, every time a lockout occurs.

Contact if you need assistance with your user account.

Other Sign-In methods

If you want more control over team access and user accounts and their sign-in methods we recommend setting up SAML SSO.

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