Let's say you have built your amazing bot and it is live for a while. How can you keep maintaining and improving your bot? This article helps with that.

Bot goal

Before configuring your bot on Chatlayer, you (and your team / organisation) had a certain goal or idea in mind what the bot should do. For example, increase sales leads, automate the creation of support tickets or decrease the load on the support desks. A couple of months after golive, check if these goals are indeed reached. Is there indeed an increase in sales leads, and if yes with how much percent? Is the bot indeed reaching its goal? If that is not the case, try to backtrack and see why the bot is not reaching its goal.

User input

Use the train tab to keep enhancing your NLP model. See what users are exactly saying, and create new intents and expressions based on that.


On a regular basis, review the analytics of your bot to see how the bot is performing. Use this article to analyse your analytics and see how you can improve your bot.

Conversation history

The conversation history contains a lot of valuable data! This shows all the actual conversations users have had with the bot, which intents are recognized in each user message and which blocks are triggered. Use this information to check if the users are using the bot as intended and are understanding the bot correctly. This is also a good way to check the flow the users are following, and if they are running into any errors or non-happy paths.

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