Lead generation

This is a short template for lead generation: your customers get a free trial if they give in their details. A flow easy to adapt to any chatbot!

Make sure to always update the NLP after loading a template!

Flow: Lead Generation

The Lead Generation blocks have their own flow. More general blocks like Introduction and Goodbye are in the General flow.

User details are asked through input validation blocks and kept under the variables {userName}, {userEmail} and {userPhoneNumber}. In the Thanks block, users get the opportunity to change their details in case they make a mistake.

The block named [API Call] is a placeholder for the Action block where you would implement your API call to keep your customer's data.

There are several ways for you to keep the customer details. Some ways to do that could be using Airtable or creating your own API custom integration.

Make sure you adapt the flow to the user details that you need and that you give to your customers the opportunity to modify those details.

Happy bot building!

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