Go-to connections

Go-to connections

You can go to any block type to any other block type in your conversation.

Go-to's in buttons

When you create a Bot Message, you can redirect the user to another block by clicking something. A clicking action can happen with:

Not sure if a Go-to is the right button type for you? Check the different button types here.

Go to another block type

At the end of any block type (be it a Message, Collect input, Action, or even Condition), you can choose to redirect the user to any other block.

To do that, find the Go To ribbon at the bottom of your block and expand it to fill it in.

Go-to's to pass a variable

At the end of Bot Messages and Action blocks, you have the option to transfer the user to another block, and pass a variable that's saved in the user session.

To pass a variable, click on +Add Variable and define your variable name and value.

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