This integration will allow you to perform the following actions towards Salesforce:

  1. Get contact

  2. Create contact

  3. Create account

  4. Retrieve entity (type Contact)

  5. Create entity (type Case)

  6. Query SOQL - more information on Salesforce documentation

From an Action block, go to the Integrations tab and search for Salesforce:

Upon selecting the Salesforce integration, you will be able to read and select one action from the list

Upon selecting an action, the next option that will show up is the one to Connect an account on Salesforce. Click the button and a pop-up will appear for you to add username and password to connect:

After your account is connected, the other fields important to complete the action will appear.

On the Get contact action, the lookup field names are ID, name, email, phone and mobile phone:

For Contact creation, the fields email, first name, last name, phone, mobile phone, description and country are available:

The response from the request made to Salesforce will be saved on a variable: apps.salesforce.createContact

The Create account action will allow you to add name, site, phone, billing country and description to the account that will be created through the chatbot. The response from Salesforce will be saved in the variable apps.salesforce.createAccount

For the Query SOQL action, a suggestion will appear: SELECT Id, name FROM Contact WHERE Name LIKE '{}' but you are free to edit with your own query. Mre information on Salesforce documentation.

Now you're all set to provide the best customer support bot with Chatlayer and Salesforce!

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