Chatlayer offers multiple bot templates for you to explore many of our features. It's play time!

When you create a new bot on the Chatlayer platform, you have two options to get started:

Templates are bots built by the Chatlayer Conversation Design team:

  • Some templates offer comprehensive bot designs covering common industry-specific use cases. These ready-to-use models are perfect for kickstarting your bot creation or exploring construction possibilities on our platform.

  • Other templates can either focus on a single use case, streamlining the integration of specific functionality into your existing bot. This approach allows for rapid expansion and customization of bot capabilities.

Most templates will work right out of the box after you load them, though in some cases you will need to make some small modifications to make it work, for example when an integration is used. You can find full guidelines on how to set up and customise each template in the following pages.

Create a bot from a template

To create a new bot from a template:

  • Go to the Bots page.

  • Find a template that you like and click on Get started.

  • Read through the template description.

  • Click on Create.

Once the template is make sure to update the NLP.

Bot templates overview

Here's an overview of all available template bots, ready to use!

This chatbot banking assistant can help its users make payments, check their account balance or card limit, and report a card in case it got stolen or lost. A seamless experience that makes banking easy!

This template allows your customers to easily return items they bought in your online store.

A template for modern mobility providers to guide new clients through their products and book try-outs. This virtual assistant also provides information on order tracking and schedules checkup appointments. A conversational way to meet your customers where they are, right when they need you!

A FAQ bot to support your shared mobility customers wherever they are, whenever they need it. This bot checks if something is wrong with your account, helps you if you found a damaged scooter, and answers questions about pricing and renting!

Leave those traditional feedback forms behind and get valuable customer input in a conversational way! Ask customers for product and service feedback when shopping on your website. Use intuitive star rating buttons to increase the engagement and offer them a voucher at the end of the survey as a reward.

With this template flow, users can easily find your organisation’s nearest branch using your chatbot. After asking the user for their address, the bot will look through all your branch locations and then calculate which one is closest to the user’s address. The bot will give the address and show the location on Google Maps.

This bot template is using the state-of-the-art GPT technology to generate responses on retail use-cases, to make jokes or just to improvise on anything. Play with it and make it your own!

🆕 Gym

This booking assistant helps your customers to schedule their gym sessions. It offers a free trial to new joiners, books and reschedule collective classes, and answers some FAQ questions. A valuable tool to make your customers freer!

This template was recently updated to integrate the Tables feature.

With this template job candidates can easily look up and apply for job openings at your company. Candidates can either browse through the open positions or directly ask about an opening for specific role.

This templates uses our latest Knowledge Base AI feature to show you how your bot can generate answers based on your own data sources. No need to write a flow per question anymore!

This is a short template for lead generation: your customers get a free trial if they give in their details. A flow easy to adapt to any chatbot! Please update the NLP before using.

Collect feedback from customers in a conversational way through our Net Promoter Score® (NPS) bot!

Let your customers order food with just a few clicks of the button! This chatbot can help users with booking a table, placing an online order, and showing them the latest menu. If a question isn’t supported yet, the bot encourages users to contact the restaurant directly.

Create an interactive shopping experience that offers support to your customers, whilst also promoting products based on previous orders. This bot can help customers trace or return an order, offer personalised shopping suggestions, and locate the nearest store based on the customer’s location.

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