Learn how to configure Interact with your chatbot

Proximus #Interact is a live chat solution that allows you to manage replies to your customers on all your social networks in one place. Read more here.

The #Interact environment used by customers can only be connected to the Chatlayer.ai production environment. Because of that when publishing, 'skills' tags might get overwritten and you might have to add them again afterwards.

Configure #Interact offloading

Create an access token in #Interact by going to Settings > Tokens > Add token. The access token will automatically be copied to your clipboard.

Now head over to your bot's offloading settings. In Chatlayer, go to Settings > Offloading and create a new #Interact offloading provider. Paste the newly created access token in the configuration modal.

Add the Chatlayer access token to #Interact

Create a new Chatlayer access token. #Interact will use this token to safely communicate with your Chatlayer bot.

Copy the newly created access token and paste it in Interact under Settings > Chatbot > Connect Chatlayer

Offload a user to #Interact

To have your user transferred to a live agent in #Interact, create an action at the point in the flow where you want your user to be handed over.

Add the action "Send to offload provider" to your block and configure it with the correct settings for #Interact.

Once a user reaches this part of the conversation, the offload towards #Interact will be triggered. The bot will automatically be paused when a user reaches this action. When the agent closes the conversation, the bot will be resumed.

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