Zendesk Sunshine (beta)

Integrate you Chatlayer bot to the channels you manage from Zendesk Sunshine and offload to Zendesk Chat

The Zendesk Sunshine integration is not available for all customers yet. Please contact us if you have any questions

Connect account:

While logged in to your Chatlayer account, go to https://app.chatlayer.ai/app-integrations/sunshine/overview and click on โ€œ+Add accountโ€. Fill in the domain name of your Zendesk account:

Allow Chatlayer to access that account:

Your account will appear in the list of connected accounts:

Connect the Sunshine channels:

Go to your botโ€™s channels page, click โ€œadd channelโ€ and select Sunshine. Pick the account you just connected to and proceed to the next step, naming the connection.

From the previous point on, the chatbot will be connected to the channels you have configured on your Sunshine app.

Offloading/Handover to Zendesk agents:

On the point of your bot where users should be transferred to a human agent, add an Action and insert the template โ€œsend to offload providerโ€. From the list picker, Sunshine connection will appear, and you can connect with your Switchboard integration ID:

Upon reaching that part of the conversation, the user will be handed over to Zendesk chat.

Disconnecting your account

Disconnect channel

To disconnect the bot from the Sunshine channel, go to Channels, three dots, Disable channel

Disconnect Sunshine account from Chatlayer

To disconnect a Sunshine account from Chatlayer, go to the Integrations page, look for Sunshine conversations app, go to the Connected accounts tab, find the account you want to remove, click on the three dots and select Remove.

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