Salesforce Service Cloud

The Salesforce Service Cloud integration allows you to easily transfer a user from the bot to an agent active in the Salesforce Service Cloud Console.

The Salesforce Service Cloud integration is available as an add-on to our Enterprise pack.

Installation & set-up

Install the package in the Salesforce AppExchange, and ask an administrator to follow the Setup Instructions.

In the final step, you will be requested to fill in the bot id, access token and version of the bot into the "Create New Configuration" window.

Bot id

To find the bot id, navigate to the bot you want to connect into Salesforce. You can find your bot id in the URL of your bot.

Copy paste your bot id into the Salesforce new configuration window.

Access token

Create a new access token by navigating to the My bots page, navigating to Settings, Credentials and selecting "Access tokens" in the menu.

Click "Generate token" to generate a new token. You can give it any name you like.

Copy paste your Access Token into the Salesforce new configuration window.

Attention: you won't be able to see this token again


You can choose to connect the Draft or Live version of your bot to Salesforce. Typically, the Draft version is used for testing, and the Live version is used by your actual customers. Learn more about bot versions here:

pagePublish your bot

Configuring your bot to go to hand over the conversation

After filling in all required information into the "Create new configuration" window, and connecting to Chatlayer, Salesforce will be activated for your bot under Settings > Offloading

Now you can add an action to your bot that will transfer the user towards Salesforce Service Cloud. Add a go to to a new Action block.

Read more about best practices on when your bot should hand over to an agent here.

In this action, add a new plugin "Send to offload provider". Select "Salesforce" in the dropdown.

When a user reaches that part of the flow, they will be transferred to a Salesforce agent.

Your Salesforce integration is ready to go!

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