0. Introduction

Let's contextualize what the Leadzy bot project is all about.

Our fictive chatbot project will serve an e-commerce clothing brand called AllBees.

Business goal

The business goal for AllBees is to increase lead generation from its website, addressing the issue of visitors leaving too quickly.

Implementing a chatbot offers a promising solution by engaging visitors immediately upon arrival with personalized interactions, thus capturing their attention and encouraging them to stay longer. This strategy, coupled with the chatbot's ease of setup, aims to enhance user engagement and convert more website visitors into leads.


For this bot project, we came up with the following material after planning the bot:

User persona

A user persona that represents your prototypical user.

Bot persona

A bot persona which is based on your user personas, business goals, and brand.


A flowchart built on an external tool, which is a visualisation of what your conversation logic should be like. When building the bot on Chatlayer, it will be based on this flowchart.

So, are you ready to dive in? Let’s go!

πŸ’¬ Feedback

Your feedback on the tutorial means the world to us! Please, let us know what you think through this short form.

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