Zendesk Support

With this App you can have strong collaboration between your bot and your Zendesk account

You can connect your Zendesk account from an Action block:

When you click on the desired app, it will start the authentication flow to connect to your Zendesk account:

By clicking in β€œSign in to Zendesk”, a pop-up will appear:

Fill in your account name, your email, for the API token, go to:

https://[account name].zendesk.com/admin/apps-integrations/apis/zendesk-api/settings/tokens

example: https://chatlayer.zendesk.com/admin/apps-integrations/apis/zendesk-api/settings/tokens

When the connection is established, you will be able to select it and choose between one of the following actions:zen

  • Create ticket: you can create input validations in previous steps leading to the creation of the ticket and save user input into variables that will be passed to Zendesk to create the ticket.

  • Find ticket: the ticket number can be passed by the user and saved in the variable that you will use to access details from that ticket and possibly start an update flow.

You can give feedback to the user of the bot by informing some of the values that you can find that are connected to that ticker, e.g.: β€œthis is the ticket I found: {apps.zendesk.find_ticket.ticket.subject}”

  • Update ticket:

The updates will show as comments on the ticket:

  • Add tags: you can either add tags that were passed by the user (using variables from Input Validations) or add fixed tags to inform the user passed through a specific part of the bot flow.

  • Find user: you can ask users to identify themselves, and if not found, start the flow to create a user for them.

  • Create or update user: if there's no user in your Zendesk account with the information that was passed in the previous step, you can create one, or ask the user to confirm/update their contact.

How to personalize the bot responses with information retrieved from the integrated App:

From the Session Data, at the bottom of your Debugger when one of the actions was completed, you can check what data is available and where and build the bot response with that data, e.g.:

β€œI can see the ticket {apps.zendesk.find_ticket.ticket.id} is about: {apps.zendesk.find_ticket.ticket.subject}.”

Now you're ready to provide the best customer support bot with Chatlayer and the Zendesk App!

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