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Usually, when a user asks a question, and this is not understood, they see a message like 'I did not understand'. To refresh the user's memory, you can repeat the last block again to the user, as shown below:

What we see here is that the introduction has been created, and then the bot does not understand the user input 'test'. Then, after the 'not understood' message, the same message from before is shown again. This creates a full user experience and conversation flow. How to set this up is explained below:

1. Add variable to 'not understood'

In the 'not understood' bot message, create a new variable as shown below:

Also make sure that the 'Go to' section of this block goes to a new Action block, called 'Go to previous block' in this case.

2. Create an Action block

In the 'Go to previous block' action, create the following:

This makes sure that the bot goes to the previous block, using the variable that is set in the 'not understood' bot message. The code can be copied from below:

const { prevDialog } = args;


Make sure to test out your new configuration in the emulator.

And that's it! With just two simple steps you have created a better 'not understood experience'. Make sure to also check out the other articles written about the 'not understood' block.

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