If your company already uses Topdesk as the customer support provider, you can easily use this app to create, update and retrieve incidents. Here are some instructions.

Connect an account

To connect an account, go to the initial page and to Integrations on the left-side menu. Pick Topdesk integration and click '+Add account':

This pop-up will appear. Fill it in with your user Topdesk account and user details:

Once it's done, you'll be able to see it in the list of connected accounts:

Creating an incident

Add an Action block and search for Topdesk at the App menu

If you followed the previous steps, your account should be connected. Otherwise, you can create the account from this step:

In the action fields you can fill in the variables that contain the data about the person creating the incident and what their request is about.

The fields 'type', 'category', 'subcategory' and 'operator group' have drop-down lists that are available from your account. Alternatively, you can get those inputs directly from the user and save them as variables or choose which fields are really mandatory to your bot:

To show the user the number of the incident that was created, you can use the internal variable {apps.topdesk.create_incident.number} as shown below:

Update incident

To update an incident, you just need to follow the previous instructions and choose the 'update incident' action.

You can show the user the incident and status of it by using the internal variables:{apps.topdesk.create_incident.number}, {}

Now you're ready to create a great customer support bot, integrated with TopDesk!

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