Track events for analytics

Adding a Track event step to your bot will allow you to create custom dashboards and funnels to improve the analysis of your bot performance.

An event can be anything that you would like to track at a certain point of your flow so that you can collect data for your bot analytics. In this page, you will learn to:

The Track Event feature should not be confused with events themselves, which are used to trigger a flow based when either a variable changed or when a silence was detected.

Add a Track event step

To add a Track event step to your chatbot:

  1. Add a step to your block.

  2. Click Actions .

  3. Select Track Event.

Track events are not compatible with Condition blocks. Instead, you can add the Track event feature in a Bot message before redirection.

2. Click on Name. A list of events to be tracked will appear, if you have any, or you will be able to create a new event from here.

  1. Create a new event by typing a name under Event Name.

Make sure that you create an event or select an existing one before adding key(s) and value(s).

  1. From the dropdown, click on Create. A Create Tracking Event window will pop up.

  2. Under Event Description, add a piece of text that explains what this event is about.

  1. Click on Create. Your event is now created.

  2. Back to your block now. Define the attributes that will be saved with this event. Attributes are pairs of keys and values which are not mandatory, but will enrich your data. Their values can be hardcoded information or variables that you gathered previously in your flow.

If you intend to use a variable gathered from a Collect input block as one of your attribute values, ensure you do so in a block that follows the Collect input.

  1. Save your changes.

Find tracked events in your execution logs

When the block where the Track Event feature lies is triggered, it will be logged in your execution logs.

You can find your execution logs under History > Execution logs > Tracking events. If you gave attributes to your event, they will also appear there.

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