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The latest features and functionalities on the Chatlayer platform.

July 2024

  • Tables: Now you can easily add new column to a table, as well as edit and delete existing ones. Connecting with your internal system is possible thanks to API for tables.

  • Automatic audio recording transcription: Only for Wavy WhatsApp, now includes automatic transcription! View audio recordings and their transcriptions in the conversation history.

  • Pre-chat forms for your web widget: It's possible now to gather essential information before bot interactions begins.

  • WhatsApp list visualization: You can now test WhatsApp lists directly in the test emulator, making the process simpler and more efficient.

May 2024

  • Testing your NLP models just got easier! Access the Test NLP feature from top navigation anywhere within the NLP tabs without any changes to its powerful functionality.

  • By popular demand, the ability to duplicate blocks has returned. Now, you can effortlessly replicate blocks to streamline your workflow.

  • You can now set delays for up to 30 days! Please note, however, that any messages scheduled beyond the 24-hour customer care window won't be sent.

  • Discover our newly redesigned side navigation, crafted to enhance your user experience with intuitive access and streamlined functionality.

  • You can now connect your bot to Anthropic, unlocking new possibilities and enhanced functionalities for your AI interactions.

  • Sending emails has never been easier with our new SMTP integration. Streamline your communication and improve efficiency effortlessly.

  • New test emulator is currently in Beta. It allows you to see exactly which blocks are being tested, providing greater visibility and control over your testing process.

  • Our NPS bot template was updated using Tables. Check for yourself how you can gather customer's feedback and save it inside Chatlayer.

March 2024

  • Knowledge base AI:

    • A new analytics page to get insights on your users' interactions with your KBAI flow.

    • You can now use variables as tags.

  • The AI intent booster is now available to boost bots with less than 1000 expressions for a better NLP!

  • The new Tables (Beta) feature allows you to store databases on Chatlayer itself. Try it out and let us know how you like it!

  • We'll say a well-deserved farewell to our ChooChoo soon. To replace him, we've rolled out Leadzy, your beginner's tutorial to build a bot from scratch to live. Try it out and give us feedback!

  • Our new Gmail integration allows you to send emails to users using your Gmail account directly.

January 2024

  • Set Variable: Setting variables just got a whole lot easier! Introducing a seamless way to define variables within blocks. This improvement streamlines your workflow, making your experience more efficient.

  • Funnel: Funnel is now in open beta! Now, you have the power to create your own custom funnel right inside Chatlayer! Dive deep into user interactions and gain valuable insights into their journey through different steps.

  • Revamped syntax for expressions: Unveiling a world of possibilities with our revamped expression syntax. Need to compute a calculation on the fly or fetch the current time effortlessly? Now you can! Explore the enhanced capabilities and unlock new possibilities for your chatbot.

  • Effective 01/04: We're discontinuing support for Web chat widget V1, meaning no further assistance or updates will be provided for this version. Therefore, we strongly recommend transitioning to our advanced Web chat widget V2 before the approaching deadline.

  • Complete Deprecation by 01/10: On this date, Web Widget V1 will officially retire. We're committed to providing a smooth transition, so please don't hesitate to reach out if you need any assistance or have any concerns.

December 2023

  • Knowledge Base is now available in you account. Is it included in my subscription? We want everyone to have the opportunity to try and benefit from Knowledge base AI. That's why you'll have 50 questions included per month. And if you need more, you can always upgrade your subscription. Reach out to your sales person for more information.

October 2023

  • Track event: Revolutionize your tracking capabilities with our Event Tracking webhook subscription! Configure your personal webhook endpoint to effortlessly receive and process the latest track events outside of Chatlayer, ensuring you’re always in the know.

  • Intent page: Experience a smoother workflow with our enhanced Intent page! Now, adding expressions is a breeze, making it even more intuitive and efficient.

  • Composite entity : They're back! You can once again create composite entities, opening up new possibilities for your projects.

  • Human offloading template: Starting now, new bots won't have any default offloading dialogs. Instead, you can use the offloading destinations fields to seamlessly route to different dialogs based on the result of the offloading process. For those already using the template, don't worry – your existing bots will continue to work just as they did before.

  • We've revamped the content editor modal! It's now conveniently placed on the side, giving you more flexibility on the canvas. Plus, we've got a new spot for the 'test bot' feature!

September 2023

  • We've launched Beta testing with customers for our latest Knowledge Base AI feature. This feature allows your bot to generate answers based on your own data sources. No need to build a flow for each FAQ question anymore! To give it a try, please get in touch with us.

  • Analytics API: Streamline your data retrieval process with the Analytics API, making it easy request data from analytics data.


    Conversation History: Now, you can easily filter your tagged conversations for improved organization and efficiency.

    Intent Management: Sort intents by creation date, total expressions, and name. Additionally, we've made it easier than ever to add entity values while working on expressions, enhancing your overall efficiency.

  • Variables: Specify default values when creating variables for more customization option.

  • Update NLP: Easily monitor NLP update statuses through notification.

August 2023

  • Now, you can publish selected flows without having to publish the entire bot. This means greater efficiency and enhanced collaboration for you and your team!

  • Conversation History: Tag conversations, collapse sidebar for easy view, navigate to intents page from transcript, and export transcript with ease!

  • New Web Widget: Seamlessly request the transcript via email, microphone access in the widget preview, and personalize conversations with custom agent pictures. Whenever you add a web channel, you’ll automatically use the new web widget.

  • Silence detection in Collect Input: you can now steer conversation in a new direction when user stop responding.

  • Canvas: Customize parent-child arrow connection with ease! Change their colours, fine tune arrows position seamlessly and remove connections in a snap.

  • Salesforce Integration: Support for file upload template, resume session if you leave, and be able to close conversation when the user closes the chat tab.

July 2023

  • Exciting news! Say hello to our new web widget! Experience improved mobile performance, speed, and extra features. Whenever you create a new bot project, you will automatically use this new widget.

  • Get ready to level up your collaboration game with our latest enhancements! We're thrilled to introduce the improved comment feature, enabling you to tag colleagues, facilitate revisions, and communicate issue resolution by simply clicking the check mark icon in the comment thread.

  • Easily move selected bot dialogs to flows or subflows with just a few clicks. Organizing your projects has never been more convenient.

  • Based on your feedback, we have revamped the conversation history page to ensure seamless navigation. Additionally, we have added the ability to filter by external user ID and campaign ID. This empowers you to efficiently evaluate conversation transcripts and extract valuable insights.

June 2023

  • Multilanguage voice bots: changing the language of a bot was already possible for text bots. Now it's also enabled for voice bots.

  • Subflows: split up your flows to allow a better visual overview of the conversational flow

  • Comment mode: leave comments to your fellow botbuilders to improve collaboration in the botbuilder.

  • Expression generation (LLM powered): create dynamic content faster with AI-powered expressions

  • We've upgraded our GPT integration! Now, you can choose your preferred model type from GPT-3, ChatGPT, or the GPT4.

  • Manage your bots with ease on our fresh looking My bots interface

  • We've enhanced our Intents interface to fine-tune intents and expressions effortlessly

May 2023

  • We've brought back the parent-child arrow visualization based on your feedback. For even more customization, you have the ability to turn off the dashed arrow by navigating to your bot dialog setting and selecting 'no parent'.

  • Enhancement on how to publish, update NLP and keep track of your published version

  • We've added support for Microsoft STT for greater flexibility

  • Salesforce Service Cloud offloading now enables media sending

  • Campaign IDs are now stored in session and conversation history, making it easier to track campaign performance.

  • Flow Publish (Beta): publish a single flow to allow your fellow botbuilders to keep working on their flow

  • Collaborate with teams (Beta): showing active users who are working on the same flow and leaving comments directly on the canvas to enhance collaboration with your teams.

  • Analytics API (Beta): you can easily request data from the analytics data

  • Event tracking webhook subscription (Beta): we can configure your personal webhook endpoint, allowing you to consume the new track events outside of Chatlayer

April 2023

March 2023

  • Try our brand-new GPT-3 template that uses state-of-the-art technology to generate responses based on the context of the conversation!

  • The general availability of the new canvas and new updates, which include enabling the renaming of bot dialogs directly on the canvas and adding the new intent block.

  • Users can register new app integrations again

  • Updating the "Close Call" action to "Close Conversation" action (for voice only)

  • Improving the UI of the 'User Flows' analytics to display the total count and percentages

  • Fixing the modal for creating an API token so that it displays the new token properly after it's created.

February 2023

  • GPT-3 [Beta] integration: learn how you can integrate the latest NLP technology into your chatbot to generate sentences that suit the context of the conversation πŸš€

January 2023

  • New year, new canvas! Try our new flexible canvas for bot building and check for yourself which view suits you best.

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