Advanced API integrations

Please note that the term dialog state refers to the same thing as block, in the context of development tools.

API headers

Next to Query and Body parameters, also supports API Headers in its POST, GET and DELETE requests. Headers can be added using the same combination of Key, Type and Value as the other parameters.

Make sure you include the correct content type in the header: content-type: application/json;

API error logs

In the History menu, under Error logs you can see an overview of all errors that occurred with the API's you have configured in the bot.

If you click on an error you can see additional request and response information about the event that triggered the error

API SSL settings

In the Settings menu under the API tab you can add encryption to the requests sent by through the API plugin.

Click on + Setting to add a new encryption setting. Fill in the required fields. You can choose between the SSL and HMAC encryption types.

After creating the API security settings, you can use these settings in an API widget

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