Publish a flow

Step by step on how to publish selected flow

Previously, when using ‘publish’, all flows in your project would be published to the live version. However, now you can select a specific flow to publish. This can be useful if you only want to make updates to a specific flow and don’t want to publish the entire project.

Bear in mind, before you can publish a selected flow, it is necessary to perform a full publish. Without completing the full publish, the selected flow won't be executed.

1. First, select the flow that you want to publish from your list of flows.

2. Once you have selected the flow, click on the ‘three dots’ icon located at the top right corner and select ‘publish’.

  1. In the modal, include a brief description of your publication. Once you've entered the description, proceed by clicking the 'publish' button.

  1. Once you click ‘publish’, your publishing flow is started.

  2. Go to ‘history>version’ page, you will see the flow that you have selected to publish. Here you can see that the selected flow is in progress to be published.

  1. Once your flow has been successfully published, you will see a ‘live mode icon’ confirming that the publishing process is complete.

  1. If your published flow encounters an issue, you'll notice the status column displaying 'failed.' Clicking to expand the row will provide you with more details about the reason behind the failed publishing.

  1. To see your newly published flow, click on switcher button next to publish button on top navigation bar. This will open the live version of your flow, after which you can see that your selected flow is published to live.

Publishing only NLP before publishing selected flow

When using the ‘flow publish’ feature, it’s important to note that only the selected flow will be published. Any changes you’ve made to the NLP will not be included in this flow publish.

If you make changes to the NLP on your selected flow that you want to publish, you will need to follow a two-step process to ensure these changes are reflected in the selected published flow:

  1. On top navigation bar, click ‘publish’ button‘ then make sure to select ‘publish NLP’. This will ensure that any updates you’ve made to the NLP are published separately from the flow.

  1. After the NLP changes have been published, you can then publish your selected flow by following the process described at the top of this article. This will ensure that your flow is-up to date with the latest NLP changes.

By following this two-step processes, you can ensure that both your flow and NLP changes are accurately reflected in the published version of your bot.

Publishing sub-flow

The main flow needs to be published first on the live version. Otherwise, it won't let you publish your sub-flow(s).

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