A Condition blocks steers the conversation in a way or another depending certain condition(s).

Condition blocks enable your bot to redirect the user to another block depending on the conditions of the session variables, following an if-then logic.

Condition blocks shouldn't be confused with Go-to connections. Even if they work in a similar way, Go-to connections do not check any variables.

Set up your Condition block logic

Condition blocks follow an if-then logic, where each condition leads to a certain result. The bot will understand this logic by reading it from the top to the bottom.

In other words, this means that:

  • If statement A is true,

    • then the bot will Go to block X

  • Else if statement B is true,

    • then the bot will Go to block Y

  • Else,

    • then the bot will Go to block Z.

If you want to check variables without taking into account their case, please select a 'case insensitive' condition in the dropdown.

The order of the conditional items determines their priority. If a conditional item is met, other conditional items will not be taken into account.

Expression syntax (beta)

We launched expression syntax as a beta feature. You can use expression syntax inside Condition blocks as variables. Read more below 👇

pageExpression syntax

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