Train your NLP

Train the NLP

In every section of our platform, you will find an Train NLP button available when you click the arrow next to Publish, at the top right corner of your screen.

Why training your NLP

It's important to train the NLP model, especially after making significant changes such as adding new intents or modifying entities. Here's why:

  • Reflect changes: new changes made to the NLP model, such as adding intents or entities, won't take effect until the NLP is trained.

  • Testing: by updating the NLP, you can easily test the impact of these changes on your chatbot's performance. This allows you to fine-tune and validate your bot's behavior.

Track the NLP update status

  1. After Updating NLP: Once you have initiated the NLP training process, you can check the status of the update.

  2. Click Notifications: To check the status, click on the notification icon. This will display the progress and status of the NLP update.

  3. Monitor Progress: You can monitor the progress and ensure that the update is successfully completed.

Do you want to learn how you can improve your NLP model? You can find tips and tricks in this article.

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