This bilingual booking assistant helps your customers to schedule their gym sessions. It offers a free trial for new joiners, books and cancels classes using Tables.

This template is a gym bot that books and cancels classes for you using Tables.

Make sure to always update the NLP after loading a template!


This chatbot uses 3 tables that are accessible under the Tables tab on the left-hand menu:

  • Lead generation: a table that gathers the new user details uncovered in the conversation.

  • Group classes EN: a list of gym classes in English

  • Group classes DE: a list of gym classes in German

Flow: General

Block: Choose language

When the conversation starts, the user is first asked which language they would like. This bot is bilingual as it exists in both English and German. The Choose language block is triggered when the chat starts. The chosen language will be set as value for the preferredLanguage variable.

Read more about multilingual bots here.

Block: Introduction

The Introduction block sets up the 3 main use cases, into 3 Quick Reply buttons. You can see that as the "main menu":

  • I'm new leads to the Lead Generation flow,

  • Bookings leads to the Book class and Cancel class flows

  • FAQ leads to the FAQ flow

Block: Start again

This Action block clears all the variables of the conversation so that the chat can start again. This is useful for testing but also if the conversation is left and then restarted. It is triggered whenever users greet the bot, by using the chitchat.greeting intent.

Flow: Lead generation

This is the flow triggered by clicking on the "I'm new" button in the Introduction message, or by the i_am_new intent. The bot offers a free trial to the user, then their details are asked before they get suggested to book a class right away.

Flows: Classes

This is where conversations on booking or cancelling a class happen. Each of them is triggered by either the book_class or cancel_class intent.

Blocks: Which language?

The data fetched by the bot is influenced by the preferredLanguage variable set during the Choose Language phase at the conversation's onset. This adjustment is crucial as the representation of dates, times, and locations varies between languages such as German and English. The Condition blocks act as routers to ascertain the specific data to fetch, based on the user's language preference.

Blocks: Clear booked class and Clear cancelled class

The Clear booked class and Clear cancelled class Action blocks reset the variables defining the class to be booked or cancelled. This ensures that if users repeat a flow, the bot does not assume the same class is intended, prompting the user to specify the class again.

Flow: FAQ

In this flow are grouped some of the frequently asked questions and their answers. We focused on 2 different topics: covid rules and prices.

To discover how you can upgrade your FAQ flows, try out our Knowledge Base AI template.

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