Analyzing conversation history reveals your chatbot's strengths and areas needing improvement.

The Conversations page fosters team collaboration through custom tags, simplifying organization and communication.


Each item in the list corresponds to a conversation. It is possible for one user to have multiple conversations, and thus multiple items in that list.

Conversations that will not be shown:

  • The test conversations you had with your bot in the Test your bot window will be shown in the conversations tab under emulator. These conversations don't count towards the number of conversations used in the pricing

  • Empty conversations that do not contain any message from the user to the bot will not be shown in the conversations tab. These conversations will count towards the number of conversations used in the pricing.

Read transcripts

Explore all available transcripts in the by clicking one of conversation on the left hand list. Each transcript provides a turn-by-turn record of each user interaction and what intents they hit along the way. Click on triggered intents to navigate to the intent page for deeper insights.

On the right in the Conversations page you'll find the extension area. It is designed to quickly give you relevant context information of the current customer and conversation details, and it provides tools that can be useful when evaluating conversations. You can resize extensions for a personalized view.

Voice recordings

Conversations through a voice channel will include both transcripts of the entire conversation and audio file, if your bot contains start/stop recording actions or if all conversations of that channel are being recorded. Read more about voice bot recording here.

If your voice bot is being recorded, please make sure you inform your user about this in your voice bot flow (if the user hasn't given their explicit consent yet) to obey privacy laws.

Automatic audio recording transcription

This feature is currently only available for Wavy WhatsApp channel.

View audio recordings and their transcriptions in the conversation history.

Filter conversations

Effortlessly filter conversations by customer ID, user name, external user ID, campaign ID, channel, and date range. Customize your reading experience for optimal insights!

Delete conversations

When you delete a conversation, it will also be permanently removed from our backend systems.

Tag conversations

Enhance collaboration with custom tags! Organize transcripts effortlessly in the Conversation Details. Click to add your own tags and find important conversations with ease!

Use tags in your filter to work with your team.

🆕 Conversation flow [Beta]

Now, you can debug directly within conversation history, allowing you to effortlessly track responses and streamline the debugging process. This enhancement simplifies understanding and refining bot conversations.

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