Here you can see all users shown in a user table. By starting to type in the Filter text boxes, you can filter conversations based on first name, last name or language.

In the conversation history tab, each row corresponds to a conversation. It is possible for one user to have multiple conversations, and thus multiple rows in that table.

The test conversations you had with your bot in the emulator will not be shown in the conversations tab.

Select a user row to see the conversation that took place between this user and your bot. You will see a timestamp for each message and in which bot dialog the message was sent.

Voice and phone conversations

Conversations through a voice channel will include both an audio file and transcripts of what was said by the user and your bot.

Conversations with our voice bots will be automatically recorded. Please make sure you inform your user about this in your voice bot flow (if the user hasn't given their explicit consent yet) to obey privacy laws.