The Conversations tab provides insights into the interactions between your bot and the users, allowing you to assess the effectiveness and quality of those conversations.

Under the Conversations tab, you will find:

  • Overview: where the overall info on the conversations lies

  • Customer messages: where you'll find info about the number of buttons clicked by customers, as well as the number of messages that were send

  • Knowledge base AI: information about interactions with your Knowledge base, in the case where you've added a knowledge base to your chatbot.

Overview of your analytics

This tab contains statistics on the number of conversations, and the percentage of handover.

The bottom part of the page gives insight on:

  • the average messages per conversation

  • the conversations per user

  • the conversation duration

Monitor the efficiency of your conversations

To ensure a bot helps users efficiently, closely monitor the average messages per conversation and the duration of each conversation. The goal is to keep these numbers low, indicating users find their answers quickly.

If these metrics start increasing, it suggests users are struggling to find the needed information. In such cases, compare the current performance with past data when the bot was more effective, identify what changed, and adjust the bot accordingly to improve user experience.

Customer messages analytics

The Customer messages tab gives information about the amount of messages that are understood, not understood, and the button clicks.

Ensure your bot recognizes both clicks and typed inputs for a seamless experience. High button use is good, but balanced with text input handling, it caters to all user preferences effectively.

Knowledge base AI analytics

The Knowledge base AI tab displays analytics on the usage of your Knowledge base AI flow if you've implemented one in your chatbot.

Chatlayer's AI knowledge base tool allows your bot to generate concise answers after scraping your content. Learn how to set it up here.

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