The Conversations page is one of the detailed pages of Analytics, not to be confused with the Conversation history.
The Conversations page contains two tabs: Overview and User Messages.


This tab contains a lot of valuable information, such as detailed statistics on the number of conversations, and the percentage of handover.
The bottom part of the page gives insight on the average messages per conversation, the conversations per user and the conversation duration.
Keep a close eye on the average messages per conversation and the conversation duration. The goal a bot should be that the user can find their answer as quickly as possible. If the messages per conversation or conversation duration increase over time, this means that users have a hard time finding the information they are looking for. In that case, analyse when these statistics where lower and what has changed in the bot that could have lead to this increase.

User messages

The tab 'User messages' gives very detailed information about the amount of messages that are understood, not understood, and the button clicks.​
Do you have a bot with a bot with a high amount of button clicks? This is not necessarily a bad thing, buttons can help to guide the user to the correct flow quickly and efficiently. However, make sure that typing also works correctly in your bot.
For example, if your introduction contains 3 buttons to guide the user to the 3 main use cases of the bot, that is great! Very efficient and it manages the expectation of the user. Just make sure that the bot also understands it when the user types their question or the text of the button, instead of clicking on the button. That way, you are creating a robust bot that understands bot clicks and user expressions!
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