The Intents page gives detailed information about the triggered intents.

Opening the Intents page will show the following information:

  • Total calls: all times that an intent was triggered based on the specific filters

  • Total triggered intents: how many intents are triggered within those total calls

  • Average intents per conversation: on average, how many intents are triggered per conversation

Try to keep the average intents per conversation around 1,5 - 2. This means that users can find the information they are looking for quickly, with triggering as few intents as possible. If the user needs to trigger multiple intents to find their information, this means that they cannot find the answer to their question quickly, resulting in a bad user experience.

The bottom part shows the 10 most triggered intents. This means that these are the most used intents in your bot.

While maintaining and improving your intents and NLP model, focus on these intents first. These are most used by your users, so it is important they can trigger these intents easily with as many expressions as possible. Use the train module to enhance these intents with actual user input.

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