Create intents so that your bot get smarter at understanding what users say.

An intent is a series of expressions (or utterances) that mean the same intention or goal from the user side. During the conversation, intents are recognised by the NLP engine and serve to steer the conversation in different ways.

The Intents page is a crucial part of your chatbot's configuration, allowing you to enhance its natural language understanding by defining intents.

Add a new intent

To add a new intent:

  1. Go to Intents page and click ‘+’ button to add a new intent.

  1. Define your intent with a brief description. This step is optional.

Add expressions

Expressions are the sentences or phrases that customers use to communicate their intent to the chatbot. There are two methods to add expressions to your intents:

Method 1: Manual entry

  1. Enter a new expression on the input filed

  2. Click enter or '+'

Method 2: Generate expressions

If you'd like to accelerate the process, you can make the most of Large Language Models (LLM) to generate expressions automatically.

To generate expressions using AI:

  1. Access the intent you've created. If there are no existing expressions, the name and description of the intent will be used as a prompt for expression generation.

  2. Click Generate Expressions. The chatbot will provide you with up to 5 suggested expressions based on the provided prompt.

  3. Select the ones that you want to keep.

  4. Click Add Selected.

Sort expressions

You might run into situations where you need to sort your intents. You can sort your intents by:

  • Creation Date: this helps you track when the intents were created.

  • Total Expressions: gain insights into the number of expressions associated with each intent.

  • Name: alphabetical sorting by intent name for easier organization.

Add entities

Entities are specific pieces of information within an expression that hold significance. In other words, an entity is any string that consistently refers to the same pre-defined category of objects.

To add entities to your expressions:

  1. As you write expressions, use the '@' symbol to indicate the presence of an entity.

  2. You can either create a new entity tag on the spot or select from existing entity tags, depending on your chatbot's predefined entities.

  1. To add values to your selected entity, simply click on the entity tag. This will open a modal where you can view or add new values associated with that entity.

By effectively managing intents, expressions, and entities, you can significantly enhance your chatbot's natural language understanding and provide a more seamless conversational experience for your customers.

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