🆕Leadzy tutorial

A Chatlayer beginner's tutorial to create a bot from scratch, to live.

Welcome to your first bot tutorial! Together, we'll build a fictive chatbot named Leadzy which will gather leads for an e-commerce brand.

This tutorial is targeted for very beginners with Chatlayer. More advanced tutorials are cooking, stay tuned!

What to expect

By doing this tutorial, you can expect:

A video tutorial will complement this one. Stay tuned!

Table of contents

Ready? Let's dive in!

The first crucial step in making a chatbot is to plan it. For the sake of this tutorial, we planned the bot for you. Learn more on how to plan your bot here.

page0. Introductionpage1. New bot, new blockpage2. Understand your userspage3. Collect and display user inputpage4. Steer the conversation with Conditionspage5. Empower your bot with Actionspage6. Set up a channel and publish your bot

💬 Feedback

Your feedback on the tutorial means the world to us! Please, let us know what you think through this short form.

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