Access Control
Explore the offered possibilities for role based access control and identity management in our platform.
In the module ''Platform users' you can add or remove users from your account.
Users who don't have an account yet will receive an activation email. Users that already belong to another account will be able to switch between accounts, using the icon on the top right in the platform.

Team roles & bot access

Team roles & bot access is only available in the Enterprise pack or higher. Want to upgrade? Get in touch. has a role-based access system that allows you to restrict specific bots for specific users, and give specific rights per bot.

Team roles

A user can either be an admin or a member.
Admins have access to all bots and can create or delete team members.
Members can only access OPEN bots or RESTRICTED bots to which they have access to. They cannot create or delete new team members.

Bot access

Bots can either be set as OPEN or RESTRICTED. An OPEN bot can be accessed by all team members. RESTRICTED bots can only be accessed by Admins and approved Members.
You can set the access to your bot while you're creating the bot:
Or you can do so in the settings of your bot:
A RESTRICTED bot will have a "Bot access" tab in the settings. On this page you can configure which team members have access to the bot.
A member can have one of four types permissions to a RESTRICTED bot:
  • Edit: the member can change all intents, bot dialogs and settings.
  • Read-only: the member can view the bot, but cannot change anything.
  • NLP-only: the member can change intents, expressions, entities, etc, but not bot dialogs or settings.
  • Bot Builder: the member can see and edit everything except for the conversation history in DRAFT and LIVE.
Your access level to a bot can be seen on the "My Bots" overview page: