The dashboard is the main page in our Analytics. It shows a lot of important information about your bot in a quick and simple overview.

If you don't see any data in the overview, you might be viewing the DRAFT data of your unpublished bot. Your customers are interacting with the LIVE or published version. Switch your filter to LIVE to see actual customer data.

Not familiar with analytics? We recommend that you have a look at our Analytics concepts.


Use these filters to customize the dashboard view and create specific insights for your bot, helping you monitor its progress over time:

  • All channels allows you to filter on specific channels.

  • All languages shows information about your bot in different languages.

The timestamp of the data you see in the analytics dashboard is based on the timezone of your browser.

Analytics overview


The Customers tab in Analytics allows you to check your new and returning customers.


The Conversations tab shows the distribution of bot conversations in all available languages.

Switching from Languages to Channels will show the use of the bot over different channels (if these are used of course).

Conversations also display the proportions of conversations with handover, average number of messages and time spend.

Is the number of conversations in the Dashboard different from the number of conversations in the conversation History? That's because in Analytics, we show all conversations, whereas in the History overview, we only include conversations where the user actually replied.

User messages

The User messages tab takes you to the Conversations page with an overview of how many messages are understood, not understood, or clicked.

Top intents

The top intents tab is showing the top 5 triggered intents most often, including the number of calls and their percentages. Clicking on Details in the right upper corner will bring you to the Intents page.

Customers activity

Customers activity gives an idea of when your users are interacting the most with the bot throughout the day.

Customer flow

The User flow tab gives an overview of the user journey through the bot.

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