Restore a version

Version rollback

Have you accidentally published a new version of your bot that contains a mistake? You can fix this by rolling back to a previous LIVE version of your bot.

To do this, open your bot and go to the "Publish" menu.

On the right hand side you can see all the LIVE versions you have published in the past.

Need a refresher on what versions are and how they're used? Read more here.

If you want to restore an older version, simply click the restore button on that version; the window below will be shown:

You can choose if you either want to:

  • make this older version of the bot the new LIVE version that your users will talk to. This will not affect the current DRAFT version.

  • load the older version into your DRAFT version, so you can continue working on it. This will not affect the current LIVE version.

Restoring a version to DRAFT means overwriting your current DRAFT version. This cannot be undone.

Restoring your bot will:

  • Revert the NLP model to the specific version, to ensure a working NLP model.

  • Refresh the application so the right version of the blocks & NLP model is displayed to users.

  • Not affect the conversation history, analytics & train tab.

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