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Bot canvas

Based on your feedback and requests, we've built a brand-new linear-based bot canvas that is very flexible to use.
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    Flows sidebar
Organize and manage your conversational flows seamlessly using 'Flows'
  1. 2.
Stay informed about your current flow location with a clear visual indicator. Additionally, seamlessly switch between subflows and main for smooth navigation
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The toolbar consists of variety of tools and functions:
  • Build mode: During the editing process of your flow, you will have the 'building mode' enabled.
  • Comment mode: By enabling comment mode, you’d be able to leave comment on the canvas.
  • Search: Search for specific block types by simply clicking the icon button and typing the name of your desired block or intent block
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    Blocks and intents
Build your bot's conversation flow effortlessly by simply clicking and dragging the desired block or intent blocks onto the canvas.
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    View options
You have a number of options:
  • Zoom in: zoom in to take a closer look
  • Zoom out: zoom out to see the bigger picture
  • Auto-layout: use the auto-layout functionality to work around your blocks appearing in piles
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Click and drag on the minimap to easily navigate the canvas without losing your place
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    Test your bot
To test how your bot will interact with end-customers, you can use this feature to test your bot.
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Use the auto-layout functionality to work around your blocks appearing in piles

[VIDEO] New canvas introduction

Prefer to watch a video? Check out our 3min video tutorial 👇

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