Template overview

Use this template to easily collect valuable feedback about your business from your users, using the NPS score system. Users are asked if they are satisfied with your services, how likely they are to recommend you to others, and what they think can be improved about your services. Based on the ratings your users give, a Net Promoter Score (NPS) will be calculated. You can learn more about NPS here.

Keep reading to learn how you can customize this template for yourself!

How to customize this template

Make sure to always update the NLP after loading a template!

To save your users' ratings and feedback, this chatbot uses Airtable. If you also want to use Airtable for this, you'll need an Airtable account, an Airtable base with a table for collecting the feedback, and your Airtable API key. Of course, you can connect any other database software, as long as it can make an API call to communicate with Chatlayer.

Below is an overview of all the block in this template you need to change to customize it for your own business.

Let's get started!

Flow: General

Block: Introduction

In this block, replace the gif with one that fits your brand, or remove it altogether if it does not fit your business' or bot's personality.

Flow: NPS

Block: Check rating

This block checks the rating a user gives, after which it is stored as the variable NPS_rating. If they give a rating of 9 or higher, the user will be classified as a 'promoter' in the variable respondent_type and redirected to the Promoter response block asking them why they like your services (response stored as the Reason_positive_rating variable).

If they gave a rating from 7 to 8, they will be classified as 'passive'; if they gave a rating lower than 7, they are classified as 'detractor'. Both passives and detractors will be redirected to the Improvement Feedback block. There the bot asks them what can improved (response stored as Improvement_feedback).

Block: Send to Airtable

This Action block will store the NPS score, respondent type, and specific feedback in an external database. By default, this template bot will use Airtable to store this data, using the Create Record function of Chatlayer’s Airtable integration. You can learn more about Chatlayer's Airtable integration here.

Already storing user feedback in another database? You can link any type of database to this bot, as long as it has an API. Read more about our API integrations here.

You will need to customize this block by connecting it to your own Airtable account and base. However, when you just imported the NPS template, it will be linked to this Airtable base. Feel free to use this for testing, but make sure to replace it with your own Airtable base once you start using the bot for your own business!

If you do not yet have an Airtable account set up yet, you can do so by clicking Connect new account and following the steps in the pop-up window. For this you will need your Airtable API key, which you can find on your Airtable account page.

Like the example Airtable, your own Airtable base should have a table with columns for NPS rating, Respondent type, the user's reason for giving a positive rating or their feedback for improvement.

In the Base field, replace the example ID with the ID of your own Airtable base. In the Table field replace the example ID with the ID or name of the table in your own Airtable base where you want to store the feedback data. You can find your Airtable's base ID and table IDs here, or in the URL of your table view.

That's it, now your bot can easily collect NPS ratings and feedback from your users!

Once you have collected ratings from enough users you can use these to calculate your business' overall Net Promoter Score. You can learn how to calculate this score here.

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