Insurance Claims

This bot takes a lot of information for a car accident insurance claim, before sending that claim by email for follow-up. An easily adaptable template for any type of document filing!
Make sure that you update the NLP before using this template, otherwise it won't work.
The flows in the bot are named with number depending on what is asked first in the conversation.

Flow: Verification

In this flow the bot verifies the user's identity by gathering {insuree_first_name}, {insuree_last_name} and {birth_date} variables through input validation dialogs.
The API Identity Validation dialog is a placeholder action dialog where you can implement your own API calls to verify the user identity in your system.
Check out how to make Custom API Integrations here.

Flow: Injury Driver(s)

Here, if the user reports an injury, he will be redirected to speak to an agent and the conversation will end here.
The Connect to Human dialog stands as a placeholder for you to see how you can integrate your own API calls for this.
Check out how to make Custom API Integrations here.

Flow: Claim overview

In this last flow, the user gets the opportunity to have an overview of the claim to be filed, and modify some elements in it.
After confirmation of the claim, the bot sends it by email through the Send Email action dialog.
Last modified 1yr ago