Using time in your chatbot

The Get Time plugin on our platform guides your flow based on the current moment in time.

For example: one of our customers uses this plugin to determine if it's winter or summer, and will recommend tires based on the right season.

To implement this, first create an Action bot dialog that contains a Get Time plugin.

This plugin saves the current time variables to a variable of your choosing. Determine the name of this variable in the Target field. You can use it in your Go To's and Bot Messages with the following variables:

By default, the plugin result will contain some properties related to the UTC time.

  • (target).utc.year

  • (target).utc.month

  • (target).utc.dayOfMonth

  • (target).utc.dayOfWeek

  • (target).utc.hours

  • (target).utc.minutes

  • (target).utc.seconds

  • (target).utc.ISO

When you provide a timezone offset to the plugin, the result of the plugin will also contain time properties that are equal to UTC+<OFFSET>.

  • (target).offset.year

  • (target).offset.month

  • (target).offset.dayOfMonth

  • (target).offset.dayOfWeek

  • (target).offset.hours

  • (target).offset.minutes

  • (target).offset.seconds

  • (target).offset.ISO

An example result for a time plugin with an offset of 8 hours on the October 6th, 2020 at 16:17 PM UTC was:

utc: {
dayOfMonth: 6,
dayOfWeek: 2,
month: 10,
year: 2020,
hours: 16,
minutes: 17,
seconds: 44,
ISO: '2020-10-06T16:17:44.727Z'
offset: {
dayOfMonth: 7,
dayOfWeek: 2,
month: 10,
year: 2020,
hours: 2,
minutes: 17,
seconds: 44,
ISO: '2020-10-07T02:17:44.727Z'

All variables will return a number. You can use them in your flow like this: