Bot-building checklist
Anyone can build a bot, but it takes a whole lot more to build a great bot. Here are some tips and tricks to keep in mind when building your bot, so that you can offer your users the best possible user experience.
Dazzle them!
Some of the things listed below are important must-haves, others are nice-to-haves. These are not key to designing a bot, but definitely important if you want to create a great user experience (which of course, you want to!)

✅ Bot necessities

Make sure the tips below are part of your bot experience:
Your bot:
Greets the user with a custom introduction
"Hi there, welcome to Bot Land."
Makes clear that its a bot, not a human
"I'm Chatter, your virtual assistant 👋"
States what it can do
"I can help you book a ticket or find the perfect destination for your next trip!"
Takes turns with the user
Bot says: “How can I help you?”
User says: “I want to book a ticket.”
Bot says: “Sure, where do you want to go?”
Tries to help the user in every way possible
If no human agents are available, provide an alternative way for the user to get help:
  • An email link
  • A phone number
  • A link to your website's support page
Apologizes when it can’t help
Bot says: “Sorry, but I can't help you with that just yet.”
Responds to grattitude
User says: “Thanks a lot!”
Bot says: “You’re welcome!”
End the conversation in a clear way
Bot says: “Bye bye 👋”
Uses empathy
User says: “My card got stolen!”
Bot says: “Oh no, that's terrible! Let me help you.”
Never uses ALL CAPS
It comes across as very aggressive – LIKE THE BOT IS SHOUTING AT THE USER

👏 Very nice-to-haves

These tips can help you elevate your bot from being alright to being awesome:
Your bot:
Greets the user personally
"Hi Beyonce, welcome to Bot Land."
Uses buttons or quick replies to help the user get started
"What would you like to do?"
  • Book a ticket
  • Find a ride
  • Get in touch
States what it can do
"How can I help you?"
• Book a ticket
• Find luggage
• Get in touch
Acknowledges issues
“Sorry about that. Let me find someone who can help you.”
Has a well-defined personality and voice that matches your brand
Standard bot greeting “Hello, I’m your bot assistent.”
Formal company bot “Hello, Ms. Carter. How may I help you today?”
Funky company bot “Hey B, nice to see you again! What’s cookin’ today?”
Uses emojis if/when appropriate
Good: "Get in, we're going shopping 🛍"
Bad: "Sorry you lost your card 😎"
Collects user feedback about the conversation
"Before you go, how was this experience for you?"
  • Great!
  • Not so great...
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