Bot templates
When you create a new bot on the Chatlayer platform, you have two options to get started:
  1. 1.
    You build a bot from scratch
  2. 2.
    You download a bot template and customise it for your business
If you build a bot from scratch, this page can help you get started.

Using a template

Templates are bots or flows that were built by our team. There are two different kinds of templates:
  1. 1.
    Bot templates: these are out-of-the-box bots, built for a certain type of business, which can handle that industry's most common use cases. They're a great way to get started on your own bot, or to learn more about how certain things can be built on our platform!
  2. 2.
    Pre-built flow templates: these are single flows, often enabling a single use case, which can quickly help you add a use case or functionality to an existing bot. Read more about pre-built flow templates here.
An overview of the templates on Chatlayer
PS: We are constantly building new templates, covering different industries and use cases. Would you like a specific template? Let us know!

Available template bots

Here's an overview of all available template bots, ready to use!
Let your customers order food with just a few clicks of the button! This chatbot can help users with booking a table, placing an online order, and showing them the latest menu. If a question isn’t supported yet, the bot encourages users to contact the restaurant directly.
Leave those traditional feedback forms behind and get valuable customer input in a conversational way! Ask customers for product and service feedback when shopping on your website. Use intuitive star rating buttons to increase the engagement and offer them a voucher at the end of the survey as a reward.


Create a fast, easy and convenient customer experience! Meet your customers where they are with this omnichannel, multilingual voice and chatbot. Let customers change their appointment on the go, help them set up a direct debit or check their balance - all within the same conversation!
This chatbot banking assistant can help its users make payments, check their account balance or card limit, and report a card in case it got stolen or lost. A seamless experience that makes banking easy!
Collect feedback from customers in a conversational way through our Net Promoter Score® (NPS) bot!


Grab your bags because you’re going on a virtual trip! This bot can look up flight details, such as airports or travel dates, and provide you with a link to book a ticket using the Skyscanner API.

Zendesk ticket creation flow

We wrote a great article on how to create a Zendesk ticket integration, but how do you set up your bot so it can collect all those user details to create a ticket? Easy, just download the Zendesk ticket creation flow!
Customers turn to their insurance provider for round the clock assistance – expecting the same from its customer service. With this chatbot, you can file a claim at any time!


Create an interactive shopping experience that offers support to your customers, whilst also promoting products based on previous orders. This bot can help customers trace or return an order, offer personalised shopping suggestions, and locate the nearest store based on the customer’s location.


This booking assistant helps your customers to schedule their gym sessions. It offers a free trial to new joiners, books and reschedule trainings and classes, and answers some practical questions about prices, rules, and opening hours. A valuable tool to make your customers freer!
With this template flow, users can easily find your organization’s nearest branch using your chatbot. After asking the user for their address, the bot will look through all your branch locations and then calculate which one is closest to the user’s address. The bot will give the address and show the location on Google Maps.
This is a short template for lead generation: your customers get a free trial if they give in their details. A flow easy to adapt to any chatbot! Please update the NLP before using.
This template allows your customers to easily return an item they bought in your online store.