Bot templates
When you create a new bot, you can choose between building one from scratch, or starting with a template bot. These template bots are bots built by our team and contain an example conversation on a specific use case or industry. You can add these bots to your account to get inspiration or learn more about the Chatlayer features!
Next to templates, we also have ready to go bot flows. Read more about that here.
We are constantly building new template bots, covering different industries and use cases. Want to request a new bot template? Let us know!

Available bot templates

Here's an overview of all available bot templates, ready to use!

1 – Restaurant Template bot

This bot can help users book a table, place an online order, and show them the latest menu. If a topic isn’t supported yet, the bot encourages users to contact the restaurant directly to make sure they can always get help.
Why use this template?
  • See how to best use different entities in the same bot
  • Send a confirmation email with several bot variables
  • Reuse the same intents in different dialogues
  • Use match entities to catch information
  • Use rich media to boost the user experience

2 – Feedback Template Bot

Leave those traditional feedback forms behind and get valuable customer input in a conversational way! Ask customers for product and service feedback when shopping on your website. Use intuitive star rating buttons to increase the engagement and offer them a voucher at the end of the survey as a reward.
Why use this template?
  • Collect valuable customer feedback
  • Use intuitive star rating buttons to increase engagement
  • Combine buttons and NLP for a seamless experience
  • Post customer feedback in your database and improve your business

3 – Telco Template Bot

Create a fast, easy, and convenient customer experience! Meet your customers where they are with this omnichannel, multilingual voice and chatbot. Let customers change their appointment on the go, help them set up a direct debit or check their balance - all within the same conversation!
Why use this template?
  • Verify your customer’s identity
  • Log valuable customer data in your organisation’s database
  • Help your customers in their preferred language
  • Create a seamless, omnichannel experience over voice and chat

4 – Banking Template Bot

This chatbot banking assistant can help its users make payments, check their card balance, and block and report a card in case it got stolen or lost. A seamless experience that makes banking easy!
Why use this template?
  • Block and report your lost or stolen card
  • Check your card balance
  • Make payments
  • Get card info
  • Check card limit

5 – Net Promoter Score® (NPS) Template Bot

Wanna know more about your users, clients, and customers? Use our Net Promoter Score® (NPS) bot to collect and assess valuable feedback 🔍
Why use this template?
  • Collect valuable feedback in a conversational way
  • Deploy this bot on any channel, in any language
  • Make frustrated customers feel heard

6 – Travel Template bot

Grab your bags because you’re going on a virtual trip! This bot can look up flight details, such as airports or travel dates, and provide you with a link to book a ticket using the Skyscanner API.
Why use this template?
  • Implement a bot with a more technical setup
  • Create a connection with the Skyscanner API
  • Learn how to change information from the bot to match the API calls
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