What's new

December 2020 Release

We released new types of entities. You can find all information about them here:

October 2020 Release

Bot import/export (in beta)

Save a copy of your bot in an export. The export contains:

  • NLP

    • Intents

    • Expressions

    • Entities

  • Bot dialogs

    • Flows

    • Messages and translations

    • Variables

The export does not contain:

  • Conversation history

  • Analytics

  • Channel settings

  • Bot settings

Exporting a bot will result in a JSON file that you can download to your computer.

This JSON file can be imported again to overwrite a bot with the data that is in the JSON file.


You can now change the order of buttons, quick replies, carousel items and go to's using drag and drop.

Bot dialog language switching

Change the language of a bot dialog to immediately add or edit the translations for a message or button while you're creating or editing the flow.

Rich text messages

Customize text messages the way you want them to look, and add links to other pages and bot dialogs, using rich text messages. You can read all about them here.