Insert record

Learn how to use the insert record operation on your table by using a lead generation flow example.

Inserting a record on your table means that you will create a new row on your table.

This means that you'll go from this:


To that:



Insert a record

To insert a record on your table:

  1. Make sure that you created a table with the appropriate structure. For this example, we will use a lead generation table that captures:

    • FullName: Captures the lead's full name.

    • Email: Stores the lead's email address.

  1. Make sure that you capture the relevant variables in your conversation. In our example, we capture the user name and email in Collect input blocks. These are the variables that we want to add to our lead generation table, i.e. customer_name and customer_email.

  2. Add a Table operation to your flow.

  1. Select Insert Record.

  1. Select the table that you'd like to work on. For this example, we called our table Lead generation.

  1. To recall, our example lead generation table has 2 columns: FullName and Email. Under Operation Config, link the FullName field to be populated with the variable {customer_name}.

  2. Do the same for Email and {customer_email}.

  1. Click Save.

  2. Test your bot in the emulator. Run through your bot flow within the emulator to simulate the user experience and trigger the Insert record action.

  1. After testing, navigate to your table to confirm that the lead's information has been accurately recorded and stored.

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