🆕Tables [Beta]

Chatlayer's new Tables feature offers you a convenient way to manage your data in the form of tables.

Chatlayer enables the integration of built-in databases resembling spreadsheets. These databases can store diverse data as records, populating columns with respective values.

Best practices for Tables

Here are some best practices when managing your Tables:

  • Plan your flow logic first.

  • Keep your data structure simple.

  • Validate your data formats before insertion to avoid errors.

  • Use unique IDs per record for an easy data retrieval.

  • Optimize data retrieval by using precise queries to avoid fetching extra data.

  • Implement error handling strategies.

  • Regulary check and cleanse your data.

  • Prioritize security and privacy.

  • Test thoroughly before deployment.

  • Monitor and iterate after deployment.

Create a table with recordsColumn typesOperate on your records

Looking for a quick and easy bot template to play with Tables? The Gym bot is a representative use case.

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