Bot settings

The Bot settings page is where you configure your bot behaviour outside of its logic and NLP.

Bot details

In Bot betails you see:

  • The Name of your of bot.

  • The Primary and Extra languages.

  • The Bot access configuration, where you can change the number of people who have access to your bot.

Explore the offered possibilities for role-based access control and identity management in our platform.

Generative AI

Under Generative AI, you can turn on the generative AI features for your bot by using the toggle.

These features are:

Bot status

Click the status slider to temporarily disable the bot. The message configured under the Bot disabled block will be shown.

Maximum message length

To avoid that messages that are too long are not understood, an authorized Maximum message length send by customers can be configured.

To set up a Maximum message length:

  1. Toggle on the feature toggle.

  2. Define a maximum number of characters.

  3. Define a block where the bot will Go to when a user sends a message above that number of characters.

  4. Click Save at the top right corner of the screen.

A nice fallback message in this case could be text like: I am sorry, I work best with shorter messages. Could you please rephrase that?

Bot behaviour

The typing speed, or typing duration, is how fast the bot answers to the user. The higher the typing speed, the longer the user will see that the bot is typing before they receive an answer. The right typing speed can create a positive, more humanlike experience for the user.

The default typing speed is 1500ms, but try out different speeds to see what is best for your bot.

Language detection

You can use Language detection option to check if the user's language is supported by your bot.

  • If the user's language is supported, the user will be routed to the Introduction block.

  • If the language is not supported by the bot, the user will be routed to a block of your choosing.

Danger zone (delete your bot)

This is where you can delete your bot.

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