The Import/Export tab under Settings is where you can download or upload a bot file.

Ont the Import/Export page, you export and import your bot as a JSON file.

Depending on the size of your bot, the export could take up to 30 minutes to finalize. As soon as the export is ready, you will be able to download it as a JSON file.

Importing a bot can take up to 30 minutes. The uploaded file will be imported to the DRAFT version of the bot.

Importing a bot will overwrite the current version of your bot. There is no way to recover a previous version of the bot.

What contains the Export

The Export of your bot will include:

  • The NLP data (including translations), i.e:

    • Intents

    • Expressions

    • Entities

  • The Blocks:

    • Flows

    • Messages and their translations

    • Variables

The Export will not include:

  • Analytics data

  • Conversation history

  • Error logs

  • Older bot versions

  • Channel or offloading configuration

  • Tables

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