Create intents so that your bot get smarter at understanding what users say.

The Intents page is a crucial part of your chatbot's configuration, allowing you to enhance its natural language understanding by defining intents.

NLP sound unfamiliar to you? Make sure you have a look at our detailed Natural language processing page.

Add a new intent

From scratch

To add a new intent:

  1. Go to Intents page and click ā€˜+ā€™ button to add a new intent.

  1. Define your intent with a brief description. This step is optional.

From prebuilt intents

We've created a few intent packs so you can quickly get started and train your NLP model.

To add a prebuilt intent to your bot:

  1. Go to your Intents page.

  2. Click on Prebuilt intents at the bottom left.

  3. Select the intent that you would like to add to your bot.

  4. Click Save.

Sort your intents

You might run into situations where you need to sort your intents. You can sort your intents by:

  • Creation Date: this helps you track when the intents were created.

  • Total expressions: gain insights into the number of expressions associated with each intent.

  • Name: alphabetical sorting by intent name for easier organization.

šŸ†• Test your NLP

To test your NLP from the Intents tab:

  1. Click on the Play icon at the top right corner of the screen.

  2. Enter a sentence for testing.

  3. Click on Evaluate.

  4. Check the result. You will see how much your expression is scoring for each intent.

You have a small bot, with less than 2000 expressions? The AI Intent Booster is specifically crafted to boost the performance of your NLP. Make sure you check it out!

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