Help Scout

Learn how to configure Help Scout on you chatbot

The Help Scout integration with Chatlayer is being deprecated. The documentation below is only applicable for current users of the integration.

Help Scout is a tool that offers simple service software. Read more here.

Help Scout Offloading

Configure the offloading provider

In the Chatlayer CMS, go to Settings > Offloading and create a Help Scout integration

You'll be prompted to authorize Chatlayer in your Help Scout account

Sending a user to Help Scout

To have your user transferred to a live agent in Help Scout, create an action at the point in the flow where you want your user to be handed over.

Add the action "Send to offload provider" to your block and configure it with the correct settings for Help Scout.

Once a user reaches this part of the conversation, the offload towards Help Scout will be triggered. The bot will automatically be paused when a user reaches this action. When the agent closes the conversation, the bot will be resumed, and all data from the previous offloading session will be deleted. The next time an offload is triggered, a new conversation will be started in HelpScout.

Customer and Conversation Information

We will initialize the handover process to HelpScout with some user information available on the session. The following session fields will be used to add data to your Help Scout Customer and Conversation:

Email: (recommended) First name: helpScout.customer.firstName OR internal.user.firstName Last name: helpScout.customer.lastName OR internal.user.lastName Subject: helpScout.conversation.subject

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