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This documentation will walk you through the steps to seamlessly download, configure, and connect the Chatlayer bot app to your Slack workspace.

Download Chatlayer Bot App on Slack

  1. Open Slack and navigate to the workspace where you want to add the bot.

  2. Click Add apps located at the bottom left corner of the Slack interface.

  1. Search for Chatlayer Bot in the search bar.

  1. Download the Chatlayer bot app.

  2. Locate the Chatlayer bot in your Apps list after the download is complete.

Configure Slack App on Chatlayer

To connect Slack app to Chatlayer, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Bots page on Chatlayer and select Integrations.

  1. Find the Slack app or type β€˜Slack’ in the search bar.

  2. Click View App and then Connected Account.

  1. Click Authorize.

  1. A new tab will open, listing all the requested permissions. Click Allow.

  1. Click Connect to connect the account.

  1. Go to Connected accounts to see the connected account.

Connect a Bot to a Slack Channel

Follow these steps to connect a bot to a connected Slack channel:

  1. On the β€˜Bots’ page, create a new bot or open an existing bot.

  1. In the main navigation, go to Channels and click Add channel.

  1. Select Slack App and click Next.

  1. Select the connected Slack account or connect a new account, then click Next.

Before connecting the Slack channel, make sure you have already created a Slack channel. You can follow the documentation here.

  1. In the Slack channel input field, copy and paste the Slack channel ID and enter the bot name. After filling in both fields, click Finish to connect the bot with the Slack channel.

  1. Once connected, you can start testing your bot in your Slack channel. You bot will start responding any questions coming from the channel.

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