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We've created an example of how you can initialize and destroy the chat widget through your own Javascript code.

    <title>Chatlayer Events Example</title>
    <meta charset="UTF-8" />

    <button onclick="initChatlayer()">Initialize Chatlayer</button>
    <button onclick="destroyChatlayer()">Destroy Chatlayer</button>
    <br />
    <br />
    <button onclick="openChatlayer()">Open Chatlayer Widget</button>
    <button onclick="closeChatlayer()">Close Chatlayer Widget</button>

       * This example showcases the destruction of a Chatlayer webwidget
       * by triggering the JSON builder plugin in the flow.
       * The JSON builder action dialog was set up as follows:

      let chatlayerInstance = null;

      const initChatlayer = () => {
        if (chatlayerInstance) return;
        console.log("Initializing the Chatlayer widget ...");
        chatlayerInstance = chatlayer({ lang: "en" });
        // Event types are "event", "open" and "close"

        chatlayerInstance.on("open", event => {

        chatlayerInstance.on("close", event => {

        chatlayerInstance.on("event", event => {
          // Note the content of event here: the "action" key with value "destroy"
          // originates directly from the configured JSON Builder action.
          const isChatlayerDestroyEvent = event.action === "destroy";
          if (isChatlayerDestroyEvent) {

      const destroyChatlayer = () => {
        if (!chatlayerInstance) return;
        console.log("Destroying the Chatlayer widget ...");
        // To destroy the widget, it has to be opened first;
        chatlayerInstance = null;

      const openChatlayer = () => {
        if (!chatlayerInstance) {
          console.log("Please initialize Chatlayer first!");

      const closeChatlayer = () => {
        if (!chatlayerInstance) {
          console.log("Please initialize Chatlayer first!");

    <!-- Note the absence of the onload prop on the following script tag. -->
    <!-- To automatically initialize the webwidget, you would add the prop: -->
    <!-- onload="initChatlayer()" -->

JSON builder plugin configuration:

View a live version of this code here.

As you can see from the example above, you can initialize the widget, open/close it, as well as destroy it from your own code. The example shows you how to use the JSON Builder plugin to trigger a destroy event for the chat widget.

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