Predefined dialogs

When you create a bot from scratch on Chatlayer, a few predefined dialogs appear in your General flow:
Predefined dialogs for all bots in the General flow
  • Not understood: a dialog show when your bot didn't understand the user
  • Introduction: the first message that is send to the user to open the conversation
  • Offloading open: a dialog triggered when your user is offloaded to a human agent
  • Offloading closed: a dialog triggered when the human offloading is closed
  • Offloading deactivated: a dialog for when the offloading is deactivated
  • Bot disabled: a message displayed when the bot is temporarily deactivated
  • Error occurred: a dialog triggered when a technical error is happening
Not sure where to go from there? We've got you covered with a tutorial to create your first bot.