Go to
A Go to allows you to redirect users from one bot dialog to another one. There are two main types of Go to's:

Go to's in bot messages

Go to's in buttons

With buttons, carousels, lists and quick replies, you can redirect the user to another bot dialog when they click on a button.
Read more about buttons here.
At the end of bot messages and actions, you have the option to transfer the user to another bot dialog, and pass a variable that's saved on the user session.

Go to bot dialog type

Go to bot dialogs enable your bot to redirect the user to a bot dialog depending on the conditions of the session variables. This is the easiest way of introducing simple if-then logic to your bot.
By enabling the "Case sensitive" toggle capitalization of letters is taken into account when comparing the value of a variable.
In this case the user will be redirected to "first class" if the class variable equals "first". Otherwise, the user will go to the "other class" bot dialog
The order of the conditional items determines their priority. If a conditional item is met, other conditional items will not be taken into account.