Comments are a powerful tool for providing feedback and fostering collaboration. By using comments you can take your collaboration to the next level.

Add comments

  1. Navigate to the screen you’d like to comment on

  2. Look for the 'comment' icon in the top right menu of the screen, and click on it. This will open the comment feature.

  1. Choose the specific location on your canvas, then ‘right-click’ on your cursor to add comment.

  2. Type your comments in the comment field provided.

  3. Press the 'enter' key on your keyboard to submit your comment.

Reply to comments

  1. Click on the comment you want to view.

  2. Click on the reply field below the comment to add your response

  3. Press the 'enter' key on your keyboard to submit your reply to the comment.

Delete comments

  1. Make sure that you’re in commenting mode by clicking the ‘comment’ icon on the right top menu.

  2. Choose the comment that you want to delete by clicking on it. This will highlight the comment for deletion.

  3. Press the 'delete' key on your keyboard to delete the selected comment

Tagging your team member

1. To mention a team member in the comment field, type the “@” symbol.

2. As you start typing your team member’s name or email address, the platform will suggest collaborators. You can select your desired collaborator from the list.

3. Once you click on your team member’s name in the list, indicating that they have been successfully mentioned. You can then complete the rest of your message and click ‘send’ icon to post your comment.

Comment thread

To access a comment thread, simply click on the comment icon in the top right menu. When a new comment is created, it will appear in the threads section of the comments modal. Threads are an effective way to organize your comments based on their respective flows.

To view a specific comment within a thread, simply click on that comment in the thread. This will open up the relevant comment in the canvas, allowing you to view the complete conversation and respond if necessary.

Resolving comment

With a simple click on the checkmark icon in a comment thread, you can signify to your team that the issue has been resolved.

Going back to building mode

If you want to go back to the building mode after adding comments, click on the 'arrow' icon located next to the 'comment' icon in the top right menu. This will take you back to the building mode again. It’s important to note that while you’re in comment mode, you won’t be able to add or edit any block.

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