User flow

The User flow page gives detailed information about the user journey through the bot.
The User flow page contains two different views:

User flow overview

Every time a user starts a new session, all of the bot dialogs they run through are counted and summed up to form these analytics. You can also see where users dropped out of the chatbot flow.
Use this information to improve your bot:
  • Are users indeed taking the route you mapped out while building the bot? Are there any discrepancies? What is the cause of these differences?
  • Is there a very high dropoff point at a certain bot dialog? See how you can improve this dialog, perhaps the information is not clear or the user is stuck.

Detailed bot dialog flow

Clicking on 'Open' on any bot dialog in the flow page will take you to a detailed page:
This page shows how to user exactly arrived at that specific bot dialog, and which bot dialog they used afterwards.