Knowledge base AI

Chatlayer's Knowledge base AI (or KBAI) allows your bot to generate concise answers after scraping your content. Adding an FAQ flow to your bot was never easier!

A knowledge base is a store of information or data that is available to draw on. It can be constituted of different pieces of content (e.g. URLs, files).

First, you add the content that your bot will scrape to retrieve the answer to the customer's question. Second, you design a flow to display that answer.

You can use the Knowledge base AI for free if you ask it under 50 questions per month. If you would like to use more than that, please contact us.

Generative vs non-generative knowledge base AI

Chatlayer offers 2 ways of using the knowledge base:

  • Generative knowledge base (i.e. the bot will generate, or make up a new sentence to answer your customer's questions after scraping your content), where you can use:

    • PDF files

    • URLs of a page or a whole domain

    • CSV files

  • Non-generative knowledge base (i.e. your bot will answer what you tell it to answer after you fed it with a list of questions and answers), where you can use:

    • only CSV files in a specific format

How to choose if your knowledge base is generative

  1. Open your Knowledge Base AI tab for the first time: a popup with the Generative AI terms and conditions appears.

  1. There are 2 possibilities at this stage:

    • you click on Accept, your bot will be generative.

    • If you click on Cancel, your bot will be non-generative.

You're not sure what's the difference between having a generative vs non-generative knowledge base? Learn about it here.

Test it on a template

You have this feature enabled and would like to test it right away? You can do it by playing with our template:

Knowledge base AI template

Build a powerful, hybrid bot

Bots can become really powerful if you use a mix of intents (answers designed by your team) and generative knowledge base (AI-driven answers). In this sense, your bot will be hybrid because it uses answers generated both by humans and machine.

  • If you connect your Knowledge base AI Action block to your Not Understood block and add no other content to your bot, all questions from users will be answered directly by your knowledge base AI.

  • If you have other intents in your bot, the intents will be triggered whenever there is a match with the expression from a user. Only when something is said by the user that isn't a match with any intent, the Not Understood block and thus knowledge base AI will be triggered.

🆕 Monitor your KBAI flow

From now on, you can monitor your user interactions with the Knowledge base from your Analytics:

Set up your FAQ flow using a generative knowledge base AINon-generative knowledge base AIUse tags to limit your content

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