Have you accidentally published a new version of your bot that contains a mistake? You can fix this by rolling back to a previous LIVE version of your bot.

Learn more about LIVE and DRAFT environments here.

To go back to a previous LIVE version of your bot:

  1. Open your bot and go to the "Publish" menu.

  1. On the right hand side you can see all the LIVE versions you have published in the past.

Need a refresher on what versions are and how they're used? Read more here.

If you want to restore an older version, simply click the restore button on that version; the window below will be shown:

  1. You can choose if you either want to:

  • make this older version of the bot the new LIVE version that your users will talk to. This will not affect the current DRAFT version.

  • load the older version into your DRAFT version, so you can continue working on it. This will not affect the current LIVE version.

Restoring a version to DRAFT means overwriting your current DRAFT version. This cannot be undone.

Restoring your bot will:

  • Revert the NLP model to the specific version, to ensure a working NLP model.

  • Refresh the application so the right version of the blocks & NLP model is displayed to users.

  • Not affect the conversation history, analytics & train tab.

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